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Tailor-made customized analysis as per your bussiness needs on companies and regulatory developments helps you to assess the active market players in the industry.

Daily news announcements from global pharma companies provides drug development and corporate updates. Although news announcements are detailed, Bridge R&D team further dwell in to the news updates and provides key insights and companies strategies.

Insights analysis helps you re-evaluate key news announcements with real time insights from key decision makers.

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It makes you to connect with industry key persons and aware of strategic decisions on bottle necks in drug development.

1. 2019 US FDA NME approvals includes 55% from regulatory designations.

2. Out of 41 approvals, 9 for cancer, 7 nervous system indications, 6 infectious diseases, 4 hematology and 3 immunology indications are top 5 disease areas.

3. Reports exclusively covers 300+ drugs and 172+ companies.

4. Must have report for all innovator, generic, CRO, CMO, CDMO and investment firms.

1. 2019 showcase the increased growth in the drug acquisitions to strengthen the pipeline portfolios.

2. BMS' Celgene acquisition worth USD 89.5bn is third highest ever pharma M&A in 2019, Pfizer acquired Array, Novartis acquired The Medicines, Eli Lilly acquired Loxo Oncology and Roche's Spark Therapeutics acquisition are the five top M&A's in 2019

3. Reports exclusively covers 585 licesing agreements,1000+ VC deals, 140+ private equity deals and 250+ companies which include pipeline and approved drugs and companies

4. Must have report for all innovator, generic, CRO, CMO, CDMO and investment firms

1. Drug regulatory designations are the important milestones for US FDA, EMEA and PMDA approvals

2. For the duration 2014 - 2019, Roche & Takeda Companies hold 32 orphan designations, Novartis (30), BMS (29), Amgen & Gilead (20 each) are the top regulatory designated Companies

3. Reports exclusively cover 3500+ Drugs and 1500+ Companies which include Pipeline and Approved Drugs and Companies

4. Must have reports for all innovator, generic, CRO, CMO, CDMO and investment firms

1. US Branded companies reducing patent litigation costs through agreements with generic companies.

2. Prasco, Greenstone, ANI and Oceanside are specialized Authorized Generics (AZ) companie.

3. Reports exclusively covers 112+ drugs and 55+ companies.

4. Must have report for all innovator, generic, CRO, CMO, CDMO and investment firms.

1. Report covers 550 approved/pipeline drugs and 139 Innovator drug companies.

2. Drug patents analysis by country & projected generic launch.

3. Sales and Forecast data: 2012 - 2036.

4. Posology information includes route of admin, dosage and strength.

5. Approval and launch dates.

1. Emerging report as regulatory bodies insisting drug approval along with diagnostic

2. Report covers 220+ CDx along with 150+ Drugs and 50+ Companies

3. Pandemic diseases burst especially COVID-19 signifies the importance of efficient, low cost and easy-to-use diagnostics

4. Clinical trial endpoint analysis testing with regulatory body Approved diagnostics helps faster review

1. Report covers 5,900 Drugs and 1,400 Companies with ER, MR, DR, SR, PR and XR formulations

2. Report covers 36 countries Innovator and Generic drug approvals

3. Comprehensive report helps to build strategy for the new formulations

4. Market opportunity report for technology generic Companies

1. Report covers 56 drugs and 550+ DMF filings from US FDA, EMEA and Japan.

2. 2019 sales are more than USD 50bn for the 56 to be expired drugs.

3. 220+ DMF filers across US FDA, EMEA and Japan countries.

4. Strategic landscape analysis helps generic, innovator and manufacturers with respective requirements.